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BEACON Senior News - Colorado Springs

Kevin K. VanGundy | Publisher & Advertising Director

Kevin has been with BEACON Senior News since he took over as publisher in 2008. Kevin is an entrepreneur with a long-standing career in sales, advertising and marketing and is  current president of the North American Mature Publishers Association.

Kevin believes that just as good storytelling transforms, so should good advertising. He spends most of his time fighting ageism in America and teaching local residents, business owners and elected officials that people over 65 aren’t dead yet. 

One time, Kevin surprised the rest of the BEACON staff when he shaved his head because he lost a bet about losing weight. 

Cloie Sandlin | Editor in Chief 

Cloie works to reshape the public's views on aging by showcasing the talents and feats of older adults via inspiring stories and engaging content in print and online. She leads the BEACON's creative team and has been with BEACON Senior News since 2009.

When she's not working, Cloie is crossing musicians and bands off her live music bucket list. She inherited a small rubber ducky collection a few years ago, which has now taken over her desk because visitors think she's obsessed with ducks. 

Cloie is an accomplished writer and journalist, and a Colorado Mesa University graduate with degrees in Public Relations, Advertising and Business. She's married to her high school sweetheart and has two dogs: a corgi and German shepherd.

Rhonda Wray | Managing Editor 

Colorado Springs seniors astound Rhonda with their spunky attitudes, and she prizes their stories.

Rhonda has lived in the Springs since 1987 and has worked for BEACON Senior News since 2021. Before that, she completed degrees in English and art, interned at the Kennedy Center and edited books and plays.

Rhonda is a mom to four 20-somethings and two grandchildren. She loves reading and writing, so her work suits her well. Her grandma name is—what else?— “Grammar.” She also enjoys traveling, cooking, singing, swimming, art and theatre.

Rhonda has a weakness for “limited edition” grocery items, takes online proofreading tests for fun and owns too many books (and dreads the thought of downsizing them).

Stacey Splude | Customer Service Manager 

Stacey Splude is the friendly person you hear on the phone when you call us. She's been with BEACON Senior News since 2016 and handles our office's day-to-day operations, manages the BEACON's Classifieds section, and is our go-to person for anything and everything! 

When she's not in the office, she enjoys spending time with her three grandkids, traveling with her daughter, and hanging out with friends and family.

B. Bigler | Graphic Designer

Bix Bigler has been with BEACON Senior News since 2019. He specializes in the visual structure of a page, working to produce the ideal blend of text, images and space.

When he isn't working, he tries to stay active by riding his bike, tending his garden and learning new things from YouTube and documentaries.

Michael L. Madsen | Graphic Designer 

Mike brings 25+ years of graphic design knowledge and experience to BEACON Senior News. He's takes great pride in designing some of the fantastic advertising you see each month, along with the layout and design of the pages you read. 

In his downtime, he likes hanging out with his children and is a total cinephile with a movie collection that could make Netflix blush. He'll also admit he's a total geek/nerd about most tech and all things sci-fi, fantasy or comics related. If it's Marvel, DC, Star Trek, Star War or countless other TV shows and movies like that, you can bet he's into it.

Jil Goebel | Advertising Account Executive 

Jil joined BEACON Senior News in early 2020. Prior to that, she sold adaptive clothing designed for individuals with limited mobility, which is when she discovered the senior community is where her passion lies.

She is a seasoned professional in marketing, public relations and communications. She earned her MBA and BBA from the University of San Diego and is a long-time Colorado Springs resident.

Jil loves meeting and helping people. She volunteers with numerous nonprofits and is a caregiver to a senior veteran. She is also a community ambassador for Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center. When she's not working, she enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Christy Woodland | Advertising Account Executive 

Christy joined BEACON Senior News in 2023 after decades of working with several marketing and advertising sales companies throughout Colorado and Texas. While living in Steamboat Springs she helped launch the first lifestyle publication for Steamboat Pilot & Today called At Home. She loves meeting people, developing relationships and helping them maximize new revenue for their business.

She has been a visual artist all of her life and is in the process of creating a new line of inspiration art on canvas. Christy has published two books and is currently working on number three which will contain her art and inspirations.

Christy met husband Mark by enrolling in his paragliding school in Boulder in 2001. The couple has two Alaskan malamutes, Aria and Bella, who accompany them on their camping adventures, stargazing by night and hiking by day, and savoring all that Colorado has to offer.

Kayla Pool | Advertising & Marketing Assistant 

Kayla has been with BEACON Senior News since 2021. She moved from Oklahoma to attend Colorado Mesa University where she graduated with a degree in Mass Communication.

During her free time, she enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and going on off-road adventures and camping with her husband.

Andi Falcone | Circulation Supervisor
Andi has lived in Colorado Springs since November 2020 with her husband JJ and their two dogs, Harri and Rocco. She loves the area and enjoys golfing, fishing, going to baseball games, concerts and spending time with family and friends.

She started her illustrious career in publication distribution 18 years ago at the Kansas City Star (Go Chiefs!). She has worked for newspaper and publication companies in Kansas, Texas and Colorado—and it has been the perfect job in many ways.

Bill & Barb Souba | Delivery 

Bio coming soon.

LuAnn Weems | Delivery 

Bio coming soon. 

Rea Gray | Delivery 

Bio coming soon. 



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