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Spring style tips for seniors

Feb 23, 2024 02:25PM ● By Karen White-Walker

Why should spring fashions be any different for seniors than for the younger set? The reason may be that we’re no longer built like Ken and Barbie, or maybe we never were. That puts old-timers right smack dab in the majority, and others will be able to relate now to real people decked out in practical yet stylish fashions.

Older folks curious about the new spring colors need only look to nature’s early bird specials—lavender and purple crocuses, yellow daffodils, buttercup-like eranthis hyemalis and blue, pink and white Glory-of-the-Snow flowers.

Who can go wrong with pastels that usher in the advent of spring? Well, that depends on knowing your skin, hair and eye color. Are you spring, summer, autumn or winter? Is your skin color warm or cool? According to the experts, this is more important than keeping up with trends. Consult the color chart, they say. But is that before or after you’ve taken eye drops for pink eye or put in your colored contact lenses? And is that before you’ve dyed your hair or decided to say the hell with it?

As for one’s skin coloring, doesn’t that change almost daily depending on your high or low blood pressure? On whether you’re feeling frisky because your spouse just looked at you like in the olden days, or you’re stressed because of situations you don’t have any control over?


We senior women lug around the weight of the many years we’ve lived, so to look fresh for spring, opt for lightweight clothing that can create a slimming effect, especially if it’s all one color. Avoiding ruffles, large patterns or horizontal lines can help avoid drawing attention for the wrong reasons. 

If you’re thin, the opposite advice applies, but with the added benefit of being able to layer clothing in lighter, breathable fabrics.

Also avoid tight-fitting turtlenecks if you don’t want to look like your neck is in traction. Go for lightweight, loose-fitting cowl-neck styles. Printed scarves and modestly-sized dangly earrings can add flair to an outfit, but overly long earrings or large hoops might be considered too provocative for those of a certain age. Choose accessories that suit your personal style and comfort level.

When it comes to exposing cleavage, wouldn’t it behoove you to leave more up to men’s imaginations? Especially knowing what their fish eyes don’t suspect—that without support on the level of a bridge’s reinforced concrete beam, those bread dough-looking, oblong, floppy “loaves” look like they’ve been kneaded too long and too hard.


Of course there are also suggestions for the men out there who wish they could look like they just stepped out of GQ magazine and not Popular Mechanics. 

For skinny men, pleated pants and double-breasted sports coats can create a fuller look. Layering in whites, creams and pastels adds dimension to your outfit.

For overweight men, solid colors and tailored, untucked shirts can be flattering. Pants should be worn around the waist, not below the belly button. Suspenders can be a stylish alternative to belts—they don’t cut your body in half and they provide a more flattering drape. The key is to avoid a droopy appearance and find clothing that enhances your natural shape without overemphasizing certain areas.

In springtime, it’s ideal for both men and women, regardless of size, to avoid wearing baggy clothes. Spring symbolizes new life, renewal, promise and even romance. Baggy attire can make thin individuals appear malnourished and overweight individuals look like unkempt slobs. 

Wearing well-fitted clothing conveys a sharp, stylish appearance. By understanding our color chart and knowing our seasonal color palette, seniors can add to the beauty of their surroundings and contribute positively to their overall appearance.

I don’t know about you older guys and dolls out there, but it’s refreshing that we’ll be contributing something positive. Not to mention, very soon now we’ll all be far better looking. 

Pass the color palette, please. 

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