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Taxes with Trust – Senior Tax Advisory handles all facets of finance

Jan 29, 2024 10:27AM ● By Rhonda Wray

By the time you’re a senior, taxes—and most aspects of your finances—look different. When you find a company that understands this, it’s a relief.

“Seniors are the most trusted people out there,” said Darian Andreson, 50, co-owner of Senior Tax Advisory Group with his wife April, 49. “Their handshake is their word.” 

That respect goes both ways. Many entrust the Andresons with their earnings, their retirement and, of course, their taxes.

Darian formed Senior Tax Advisory Group in 2001.

“Now we prepare anywhere from 1,200-1,500 tax returns a year,” he said. 

Though taxes are the yearly “have to,” Senior Tax is a one-stop shop for seniors. 

“We do financial planning as well,” said April, “and we have an estate attorney downstairs.”

Their seasoned team specializes in establishing additional income streams for retirees when a fixed partial income isn’t enough. Whether dealing with tax considerations or navigating Social Security, Senior Tax will review your options. Clients have even asked for advice on downsizing, buying cars and starting businesses.

“Taxes are the largest expense you will have in your lifetime,” said Darian.


Darian entered the insurance business in 1998. In 2001, the September 11 attacks set the course for the rest of his career. 

“I was working banker’s hours, I was loving life—but in 2001, that all changed,” he said. “I didn’t know or lose anybody, but I received thank-you cards from clients for saving their money and protecting their assets and retirement.”

April, a former ultrasound tech, came onboard when Darian was terrifically busy, offering HR and trouble-shooting support.

“For a husband and wife to be able to work together like we do, high five!” Darian enthused, as he and April smacked palms.


The Andresons describe Senior Tax Advisory Group as “service-minded.” Donations of food and toys flood the office around Christmas, and they route it to charities, including Woodmen Valley ACTS, started by a client.

The couple delights in showing appreciation to those they serve. They even have a for-clients-only construction company that handles jobs like installing grab bars and minor repairs.

“We love our clients, and they love us,” said Darian.

“Retire Abundantly,” a new book about avoiding retirement mistakes by Darian Andreson and Kathy Larouere, is coming soon.

“But it all stems from taxes,” said Darian.

For more information, call Senior Tax Advisory Group at 719-596-4844 or visit the Senior Tax Advisory website

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