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BEACON Senior News

Farewell to festivity? Never!

Jan 02, 2024 10:13AM ● By Rhonda Wray

When the last present has been unwrapped, the tree ornaments packed away and the lights carefully rolled up in hopes they’ll decide to shine when it’s Christmas 2024, we can feel a bit…blah. There aren’t any carols playing. Our own four walls and even the city streets are devoid of the bright pops of festive color we’d gotten used to. Typically this time of year involves at least some gift returns, picking up those ever-present pine needles (and it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a real or artificial tree, you’ll find stray needles into spring) and waving good-bye to visiting loved ones. I’m a fan of all things Christmas, so I get it. 

But a new year can be fresh and inviting. We can still celebrate—just in different ways. The decorations coming down provides a clean slate for a deep cleaning—better than spring, even. Putting some upcoming events or appointments into your phone or brand-new 2024 calendar feels accomplished. Hopefully an outing with a friend will find its way into your plans. Schedule time for a walk, coffee or a movie to keep the doldrums at bay. Life is always more interesting if you have something to look forward to. You might even start to explore destinations for spring or summer travel. It doesn’t hurt to dream, and your vacation wish might come true!

If your resolutions involved health or fitness, you’ll be inspired by a local 83-year-old (page 26), who managed to lose 100 pounds at a stage in life when many feel their sluggish metabolism wouldn’t allow such a feat. 

We at the BEACON look ahead with excitement and curiosity: What will the 12 issues of 2024 hold? What sensational seniors will grace our pages? What events in the Springs will add excitement and wonder to our lives? We can’t wait to find out, and we are glad you’ve jumped in for the ride. The BEACON would be nothing without you!

Colorado Springs has a lot of good sports in their senior years. So many of you have been more than forthcoming when answering the Question of the Month, being interviewed for a story or patiently posing for a photo. Our readers are an unfailingly gracious lot. I’ve enjoyed meeting many of you, and I look forward to more meetups, whether by appointment or by chance.  


We’re excited to give a post-Christmas gift to you! Tucked inside this January issue is a copy of the 2024 BEACON Guide, our first-ever resource directory and guide to aging well in Colorado Springs. There are practical resources like home modification and health care, as well as clubs and events where you can plug in, perhaps develop a skill and undoubtedly have fun in your senior years! Also included are living options, finances, retirement considerations and so much more. We plan to offer a new edition of this guide annually, which we’ll continually revise and improve with the latest information. 

In addition to hundreds of local, state and national resources and hard-to-find phone numbers, this guide features insightful and informative articles to help with the inevitable transitions of the senior years. If you know of a company or service that caters to seniors that should be included in next year’s guide or are aware of information changes, please email me at [email protected], as we prioritize offering the most helpful and up-to-date information we can.

If you haven’t received your guide or want to request multiple copies, please email [email protected]

Happy New Year, readers!