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BEACON Senior News

The BEACON shines light on life after 50

Jun 19, 2023 03:11PM ● By Rhonda Wray

We’ve been counting down to our July issue and our new name and it’s finally here! 

The BEACON is actually the third name for this publication. It began as the Senior Times before it was changed to Life After 50. Our new tagline even has our former name embedded within: “Living Your Best Life After 50.” 

I’ll likely be a repeat offender of slipping up and calling it by our old name, but I’m confident my brain can be retrained and so can yours.

You’ll find the local content for seniors that you’re used to and our columns on health, tech, gardening, faith and caretaking, an extensive calendar of events and resources for groups and activities—all distributed at the usual spots (and some new ones!). 

But this is just a fraction of what’s to come. We’re still finessing some of the whens and hows, but I’m going to shine a beacon (what else?) on our big plans for the future. 

If you are here, you've found our website! Make sure to explore the new features mentioned below.

It’s been a long time coming, but our new website is live! This new platform features exclusive stories with video content, recipes and an online calendar that allows readers and local organizations to post their events free of charge. 

The BEACON Guide:

A trusted resource directory for aging well

This annual resource guide contains contact information for services and programs to make your life easier, healthier and fun in these golden years. There are similar guides out there, but ours includes hard-to-find contact information for local clubs and activities, statewide programs and national resources in one easy-to-use publication. Plus, we personally call every telephone number listed so our readers have the most up-to-date information. Interspersed are informative articles on how to manage, what to watch for and new ideas for enjoying your golden years. 

BeaconFest: A senior fair that’s fun!

I’ve been to our sister publication’s event in Grand Junction, and wow! It is a force to be reckoned with! It’s tough to do it justice, but I’ll describe it as a “celebration of age” and  an “educational party” for our readers. Not only are you gathering loads of helpful information, but you’re also meeting people, playing games, enjoying delicious food samples, tapping your foot to live music, winning a prize if you’re lucky and “oohing” and “aahing” over impressively designed booths. We look forward to bringing the party to Colorado Springs once we find a suitable venue that can accommodate a celebration of such magnitude. 

1.5 million Coloradans—that’s 30 percent of us—are age 50 or older. While you may have observed how others age (and think to yourself which attributes you do or don’t want to emulate), none of us have prior experience to fall back on. We only cross each age threshold when we arrive there ourselves. We shouldn’t pressure ourselves to instinctively know all the answers to an age and stage we’ve never been. 

That’s where the BEACON comes in. We’ll help guide you with resources and understanding, along with heartfelt words and some laughs for levity.

A beacon is a guiding light. That’s what our newly christened magazine is all about—helping you navigate the uncertainties of the senior years by shining a light on options so that you can live your best life ever. At times we’ll look backward with warm nostalgia, and we’ll never stop reminding you of all the living and loving that’s still ahead.

The BEACON beckons.