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BEACON Senior News

Life After 50 becomes the BEACON!

May 19, 2023 01:59PM ● By Rhonda Wray

Change is in the air at Life After 50. Many of you may not be aware that we have a sister publication in Western Colorado called the BEACON. It’s been around for 36 years, and just like Life After 50, it’s the area’s go-to publication for and about seniors. 

If you were to see our publications side by side, you’d see similarities and differences. Both magazines have the same easy-to-read format and attractive layouts. We even share some of the stories, but—because we both emphasize our local community and events—much is different. 

Life After 50 is descriptive of our demographic. But the BEACON conjures up images of bright hope, of guidance through the dark, and of illuminating the path of our senior years. After much discussion, we’ve decided to change Life After 50’s name to the BEACON as well. 

We will roll out this change gradually out of consideration to you, readers. Just as writing the new year on several checks helps us get used to it, we hope this bit-by-bit rollout will assist us all in making the switch. 

By July 2023, you’ll be picking up your favorite issue of the BEACON, which will retain the same look and feel as Life After 50. We will have the same local stories and content to educate and help you make the most of these golden years in the Pikes Peak region. We’ll still provide articles that make you look backward fondly. We’ll still make you laugh! We’ll still have the same familiar columnists, recipes, travel tips, the coloring page, crossword, sudoku, etc. We’ll still have a full monthly calendar of events letting you know what’s happening around this great city we all call home.

This change will even bring added benefits, including a new website with additional stories, events and resources for seniors in the Pikes Peak region. 

“What’s in a name?” asked Shakespeare, in “Romeo and Juliet.” “That which we call a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet.” 

Centuries ago, he understood this truth: that the name of something doesn’t fundamentally change what it already is. That is our goal for Life After 50 and the BEACON as we work to share the message that there is life after 50, and plenty of it!